The Plan For Joy Blog


So much of how we feel is more an issue of what’s going on inside our minds, than it is about what happens around us. Planning for Joy definitely means we have to take charge of the “thinker” and the self talk.


When we love something we share it – especially if it helps us in the joy department.

Shyloe’s Random Reflections

These are Shyloe’s private reflections on life as it happens. Who knows if she’ll ever make them “public”, but IF she does, this is where we can take a peek into her life.


A collection of things good to know, when you’re planning for joy and want your body to look and feel joyful.


This is where you’ll find our thoughts on how to align our lives to Joy itself. We talk about frequencies, mantras, meditation, affirmations, law of attraction, faith, a course in miracles and much more.