Hey All! Plan for Joy is my jam. No, really, it is. There is nothing in this world that is more important to me than planning for joy every single day of my life. Everything we do, every single day is executed in an attempt to increase our overall good feelings. Every item we buy, every decision we make, every activity we choose is made in an effort to improve the quality of our lives, to increase our happiness. So why not actually make that the focus? Instead of working from a place of unconscious desire, move your desire for more joy, more happiness, more health, more wellness to the forefront. 

I have been a busy mom for over 25 years, having began this journey at the ripe age of 17 in my Grade 12 year. Being an overachiever from the start, I finished Grade 12 on time, with an A average, while nursing and cloth diapering my son. I attended university the fall after my high school graduation, continued nursing my son and graduated 4 years later with a Bacc. en Education (French Education Degree) with Distinction. Following this achievement, I started teaching high school French Immersion, had one baby, then another baby and then another baby, all while teaching or substitute teaching, being married, getting divorced, single parenting and being self employed. So, over extending myself is very familiar to me.

In the last few two decades, I dedicated my life to the pursuit and cultivation of joy. Having suffering from moderate to severe depression most of my life, I made it my first and foremost goal to climb my way out of the abyss and achieve some peace and happiness. And I did it! I did it. When I realized my increased energy and improved mood was going to stick, I recognized it was my duty to help others achieve the same results.

And so, in walks Plan for Joy.

Are you ready to make some changes?

Are you ready to feel better than you ever have before?

Are you ready to master the currency of wellness?

Start here. Start now.

You’ll be glad you did.

xo Shyloe



My cell phone is dead.

So, my iPhone 6 turned itself off last week on Tuesday.   It’s not the first time this happened.   It’s happened a few times since I got a replacement using my AppleCare warranty in December. It wasn’t happening enough for me to do anything about it, but now I wish I had because my phone is dead. And I didn’t back it up, either. That’s it. It’s over.   Ha ha ha   And my AppleCare warranty is over, too.   Yup.   And guess what?!?! My phone has a whole bunch of interesting photos, text messages and notes on it that are most likely history now. Not the kind of history you remember and write books about, but the kind of history that is completely forgotten, now and forevermore.   Ba ha ha ha   Sigh   Sob   I guess really and truly this is not a big deal.   Who cares about the ridiculously obnoxious quotes my son has made over the last two years?   Who cares about the texts from Motorcycle Man or more recently, from my old love?   Who cares about the photos of me in the tub with my kitten climbing on my shoulder like a parrot?   Who cares?   Well, I suppose I do, sort of…   It’s been interesting not having access to everyone and everything over the past week. I can’t say exactly how I’ve felt about it. There have been many times when I felt a little lost not having something to distract myself in brief moments of solitude while waiting for the ferry or in... read more

I Dreamt of My Old Love Last Night

I dreamt of my old love last night.   I’m not really sure what’s going on.   He’s been on my mind virtually non stop over the past week. Sigh. I’m not sure how much I like that. Maybe it’s because he & I are coming up to an anniversary of sorts. Two years ago, this past weekend, we broke up. We broke up over text and over the phone while I was at the Jazz Festival in Kaslo and he was back home. That was not exactly ideal.   Not exactly ideal because of how traumatic the entire experience was for both of us. I won’t go into specifics here, but let’s just say it is a weekend neither of us will forget for the rest of our lives. It was life altering for us both.   So, he’s been on my mind. A lot.   In fact, all I want to do is call him, text him and send him pictures. Picture of what, you may wonder? Of me looking hot, of course, cause I’m cheeky like that. Ha ha ha. I’ve been wishing we could spend some time together. I’ve been dreaming of the two of us attending the festival together next year.   What the heck is going on??? Am I losing my mind???   Okay. Hold on.   Back to the dream.   Last night, I dreamt my old love and I were spending some time together. I was sitting next to him at a large dining table about to eat a meal. He was on my right. There were several other people at... read more

“See God In All Things”

Sitting in Chai Baba this morning…   waiting for one of my favourite drinks, I pulled a Wisdom for Healing Card from a deck created by Carolin Myss. If you have never heard of Carolin Myss, she is amazing. She has written several books and is an international speaker. She is full of good advice and life altering perspectives.   The card that I pulled from this deck simply said:   “See God In All Things”     And then, I started to cry.   Why?   Well, because something about this card had me slow down inside, reconnect with myself and then, begin to feel a wellspring of gratitude in my chest.   I am so grateful. I am so grateful to be here. And for a brief moment, I connected with the fortune and abundance of being alive. I’ve been struggling, people.   I’ve been struggling off and on these past 9 months.   I’m going to admit it.   Building a coaching business without a back up plan, spouse, savings or a real “tangible” result to sell has been, well, a stretch.   Quite a bit of a stretch.   Yup.   And yet!   I am doing it.   I AM DOING IT!   Part of my business is building relationships with people, putting my own journey on display and sharing from my open & vulnerable heart. This is easy for me, most of the time, because it’s what I’ve been doing for years. It’s part of who I am. In a lot of ways, I am my business. My business is me.     Recently,... read more