Hey All! Plan for Joy is my jam. No, really, it is. There is nothing in this world that is more important to me than planning for joy every single day of my life. Everything we do, every single day is executed in an attempt to increase our overall good feelings. Every item we buy, every decision we make, every activity we choose is made in an effort to improve the quality of our lives, to increase our happiness. So why not actually make that the focus? Instead of working from a place of unconscious desire, move your desire for more joy, more happiness, more health, more wellness to the forefront. 

I have been a busy mom for over 25 years, having began this journey at the ripe age of 17 in my Grade 12 year. Being an overachiever from the start, I finished Grade 12 on time, with an A average, while nursing and cloth diapering my son. I attended university the fall after my high school graduation, continued nursing my son and graduated 4 years later with a Bacc. en Education (French Education Degree) with Distinction. Following this achievement, I started teaching high school French Immersion, had one baby, then another baby and then another baby, all while teaching or substitute teaching, being married, getting divorced, single parenting and being self employed. So, over extending myself is very familiar to me.

In the last few two decades, I dedicated my life to the pursuit and cultivation of joy. Having suffering from moderate to severe depression most of my life, I made it my first and foremost goal to climb my way out of the abyss and achieve some peace and happiness. And I did it! I did it. When I realized my increased energy and improved mood was going to stick, I recognized it was my duty to help others achieve the same results.

And so, in walks Plan for Joy.

Are you ready to make some changes?

Are you ready to feel better than you ever have before?

Are you ready to master the currency of wellness?

Start here. Start now.

You’ll be glad you did.

xo Shyloe



Stopping up emotions stops your flow

I’ve been having excrutiating pain in my right shoulder.   It’s been happening for over two months, maybe even for more than 3 months.   I’m not exactly sure.   I cannot sleep on my right side anymore. I cannot put my right hand over my left shoulder. I cannot move my right arm across my chest.   Well, I can. But it causes me horrible pain.   It’s interesting this pain.   It seemed to come out of nowhere. Literally. I woke up with it one day.   So, I did all the things.   I tried to rest it. I tried to stretch it. I tried changing my diet. But nothing.   This is where I start to wonder. I have a pretty strong inkling it’s related to my emotions.   In my life, I have noticed that most discomfort (physical or otherwise) has some kind of emotional correlation. For example, I know the lung meridian flows from top of the chest, at the top of the lung, over the front of the shoulder and down the arm and along the thumb on both sides. The lungs are related to grief in Chinese medicine. Can you see where I am going with this?   Yes.   I believe this pain has to do with repressed grief.   Some of you may be thinking… ‘Repressed? Repressed? Isn’t grief something that appears over and over again in this blog?’ Ha ha ha sob.   Well, you could be right. Or it could just be that I am one of the few people who will willingly shares about her grief... read more

Sometimes I get myself into trouble

Sometimes I get myself into a bit of trouble. Ha ha ha   Yup.   Some of this truth busting and sh*t shifting is not always easy, nor is it comfortable, nor is it something that everyone appreciates. So, I can get myself into some pretty hot water. Maybe even scalding hot. Yikes!   And that happened not that long ago.   It happened in an uncomfortably icky way. And I kind of panicked. I ugly cried a few times. I broke out in a sweat. I felt nauseous and I felt horribly uncomfortable and afraid.   Ugh   It was not easy. I had a lot of anxiety. A lot. And, it was all because I chose to tell the truth. That’s it. I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t lie. I wasn’t mean. I wasn’t malicious. I simply truth busted the crap out of particular situation, which left me a little vulnerable to attack.   Oops.   Then, I realized something. It was quite a big realization. It was also very liberating.   The biggest reason I was feeling so anxious was revealed to me. I was feeling so uncomfortable in my own skin for one reason in particular.   That reason was shame.   Shame. Shame! Shame. That sh*t is so debilitating.   I was feeling ashamed. And more specifically, I was picking up on the shame of someone else. Their shame was becoming my shame. And I was allowing this.   I was allowing myself to buy into the fact that I had done something wrong.   On some level, I believed that I should... read more

Grief. Renewal. Liberation. Time to Let Go.

There is grief inside of me today.   There is still grief there.   And I feel mixed about it.   I feel mixed because I feel like I should be over this by now. I should have let it go. I should have moved on.   But there is a part of me that is still hurting. And that part of me is hard to face. Because I feel weak. I feel vulnerable. I feel like I should have known better.   And I don’t like feeling this way.   Here’s what’s going on.   This morning, for the third time since July, I went to see a doctor at the walk in clinic. He was really kind. It’s the second time I’ve seen him and I have another appointment booked with him next month. He’ll probably be doing the exact same procedure as he did today. The same procedure I have had done three times now.   Sigh.   Here goes.   There are warts on the most tender part of my body.   And the doctor is freezing them with liquid nitrogen.   He is freezing them so they go away.   Sigh.   These warts seem to be the last vestiges of my relationship that ended in February.   The relationship that was so filled with hope and promise until The Big Surprise!   Or rather The Incredibly Agonizing and Brutal Heartbreak.   I have never had my heart broken so efficiently and so mercilessly. It was quite the event.   So, yes. I am sad. I am sad for several reasons. I don’t like... read more