When will it be the right time?

It is time. You know it is. That’s why you are right here, right now. You get it. You really do. You know that eating organic food, drinking two litres of water and exercising moderately 2-3 a week is only going to take your healing journey so far. There is a place inside of you that is urging you to reach further. There is more to being healthy than just making adjustments on the physical plane. You know intuitively that you need to explore your emotional and spiritual health. This is crucial. This is the key. Well, you’ve come to the right place, folks! Time to get this ball rolling. Time to get on with it! It has been said that the currency of wellness is connection. Connection is what we’re all about here at Plan for Joy. Deep meaningful connection. Mastering this currency through emotional health and spirituality is the way to true peace and happiness and a lifetime of excellent health. You can do it! You can get started by subscribing right now. You’ll be happy you did and I will be in touch soon :) xxoo Shyloe